Calligraphy Classes in 2018

Is it a modern art or is it a traditional art?

Let’s make your calligraphy feel a little bit different in 2018.
Why not make it exciting and new?

The tradition stays the same but the way I look at it, we can all learn these old tried and true skills from a whole new modern perspective.

2018 – This is a new year with a whole new purpose
that I would like to share with you.

My aim in 2018 is to see “YOU”, as a student of calligraphy, recognize and feel your progress in each and every lesson.  To see that you feel good about where you are at now, in the moment, with your lettering knowing that this is “a journey”.

The plan is to introduce you to a new way to “Practice Calligraphy”. To “Practice with leisure”.
By showing you how artistic work, “your calligraphy practice”, despite the toil involved, can be freeing and fulfilling.  It will get a bit “experimental”, playful. Your experience will be something just a little bit different.

Let me explain:
We ALL too often judge and find fault in our creative endeavours.  Calligraphy takes time to develop and it need not be about creating perfect letters in a short time. These skills can take months and years to build and you may never stop trying to improve. That’s art, that’s life. You will learn how to play, how to make marks on paper that will help you free up and develop your drawing/lettering skills. AND at the same time there will be a “practice”,  a routine of focus on good lettering and a building of the basic skills.

My recommendation for you is to practice with leisure. Give yourself a gift of time to “practice” and play without justifying it to anyone, including yourself.

Be kind to yourself in your play and allow time for your skills to grow.


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